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By: A Lady's Doctor

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What is family planning?

So, your career is finally taking off, you met your soulmate and maybe even got married…Life is good, and although the thought of babies makes you smile you’re not ready to give up your days of sleeping in just yet (and that’s totally OK!) 

Family planning helps you avoid unintended pregnancies and let’ you decide when you’re ready to conceive if you choose to at all. Here are helpful tips to get you prepared for the next chapter of your life. 

Tips for family planning:


Select a hormonal birth control method that works for your lifestyle. Evaluate whether you can remember to take a pill or would fare better with something that you don’t need to worry about every day. Popular forms of birth control include:

    1. Birth control pill — 91% effective / take daily 
    2. Birth control patch — 91% effective / replace weekly 
    3. Vaginal ring –91% effective / replace monthly 
    4. Birth control shot –94% effective / receive every three months 
    5. IUD –99% effective / lasts 3-12 years 
    6. Birth control implant –99% effective / lasts up to 5 years

Use a non-hormonal method of birth control such as condoms, diaphragms, spermicide products, copper IUD, etc. keeping mind they are not as effective as hormonal methods of contraception.


Select a natural birth control method that works for your lifestyle, keeping in mind natural methods of contraception are not as effective as hormonal methods and you may get pregnant.


    1. Track your menstruation. Take careful notes on what days your periods start and end. Ovulation typically happens about 14 days before your next period comes and is when you are most fertile. 
    2. Other methods involve tracking your temperature and cervical mucus. 
    3. Natural family planning can be a great tool to get to know your cycle and fertile window as a way to either conceive or prevent pregnancy.*

What to look for when selecting an OB-GYN

When you do decide it’s time to get pregnant, selecting an OB-GYN you trust is crucial. If you are under 35 and in good health you likely have a bounty of options…just make sure the doctor you select is in your insurance network. Other important things to look for in your OB-GYN is: 


  • Do they have good reviews? Read past reviews from patients online on sites like HealthGrades and Vitals to determine if it’s a good match
  • Are they conveniently located? Make sure their office is easy to get to as you will have to attend appointments regularly, especially in the 3rd trimester. 
  • Do they respect your needs? For example, if you plan to do a natural birth, are they supportive?

Whether you are planning for a baby in the next year, five years or not all Dr. Sefa-Boakye and the staff at a Lady’s Doctor are here to help.

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